Tuesday, January 16, 2018

ring a ding

gray bell sleeve cardigan, gray shell, black pencil pants, garnet velvet flats 3

I've been on the fence about this sweater. I want to love it - the bell sleeves are so darn fun! - but I kinda also think it makes me look a bit like the stay puft marshmallow man. Still, I got enough compliments in real-life to make me feel decent about wearing it, and it's INSANELY soft and cozy. I scored it during Loft's 70% off sale - so ring a ding dong - bring on those bells (sleeves)! As an FYI, it runs large, like really large. I normally wear an extra large at Loft, got this in a large and *almost* could have sized down to a medium.

I might not be sure about the cardigan, but I'm 100% super excited to finally get to wear these pretty velvet flats. I bought them in the summer while still pregnant and have patiently (okay not so patiently) waited for months for the right season (and less swollen feet) to wear them. I was worried they might not fit post-pregnancy, but thankfully they'll feel great! Right now all my shoes are about a half size too tight - boo - so it's been interesting trying to find appropriate shoes for work that don't kill me feet. The same thing happened to me after I had my daughter three years ago, but they went back down after I lost a bit of weight. So I either need to cut the calories or buy more shoes...I know which of those two plans is more fun anyway. :) 

gray bell sleeve cardigan, gray shell, black pencil pants, garnet velvet flats 2
 cardigan: Loft (exact - runs large)  |  shirt: Loft (exact)  |  pants: Loft (exact)  |  shoes: Target (exact)  |  necklace: Stella & Dot  (exact, more than 50% off on eBay)  |  watch: Michael Kors (two-tone version)  |  bracelet: Baublebar (cute alternative)

gray bell sleeve cardigan, gray shell, black pencil pants, garnet velvet flats 6

How gorgeous is this Stella & Dot necklace?  It's currently on sale on their website, but I found it for almost 60% off retail on eBay. It can be worn a bunch of different ways by adding and removing chains. It can be worn short or long, and you can't tell well in these photos but is gold with hints of silver and rose gold.

gray bell sleeve cardigan, gray shell, black pencil pants, garnet velvet flats 4
gray bell sleeve cardigan, gray shell, black pencil pants, garnet velvet flats 7 gray bell sleeve cardigan, gray shell, black pencil pants, garnet velvet flats 1 gray bell sleeve cardigan, gray shell, black pencil pants, garnet velvet flats 5

I feel like I'm a walking ad in this post - my apologies - but it's been so long since I've gotten to wear anything fun, I want to wear - and share - all the fun things!

Friday, January 12, 2018

i'm back!

tan sweater blazer, cream peplum top, skinny jeans, black and white polka dot loafers 1

I'm back! A bit chubbier, a little darker haired and a lot more tired, but very happy to be here. 
The past three months I have been concentrating on our new baby boy, spending time with family and enjoying the holidays. I'm still a little in awe of how quickly the time as gone. Over three months - craziness. Since it's been awhile, I thought I'd give a little life update.

The biggest news...I created a human! Oliver Matthew was born October 2 at 11:04 a.m. weighing a whooping 9 lbs, 10.6 ounces. I plan on doing a "welcome Oliver" post in the near future with all the details. But basically, we're all in love with him. He's my happy, smiling boy.

tan sweater blazer, cream peplum top, skinny jeans, black and white polka dot loafers 7
sweater cardigan: J. Crew Factory (exact in other colors)  |  top: The Limited (exact)  |  jeans: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  shoes: J. Crew Factory (exact in limited sizes)  |  necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)  |  watch: Michael Kors (two-tone version)

My maternity leave was mostly spent cuddling with Oliver and watching A LOT of Netflix while breastfeeding. It probably sounds naive, but I had no idea what a time commitment breastfeeding is. ESPECIALLY in the early days. I thought I was going to get so much stuff done during this time off from work. Yeah, not so much.

tan sweater blazer, cream peplum top, skinny jeans, black and white polka dot loafers 4 tan sweater blazer, cream peplum top, skinny jeans, black and white polka dot loafers 6

We celebrated all the holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. From September on the house was all fun and festive, but now that all the decor has been packed away I've been slowly figuring out how I want things to look like for the rest of the year. We've got some reno plans in the future (hello white kitchen cabinets) which I plan on sharing on here as well as posting bedroom reveals for the nursery and Aubrey's big girl room.

So that was my break from blogging. Taking care of tiny humans, binge watching Netflix, making the house look like it threw up holiday decor (then packing it all away again), online shopping and spending time with family.

tan sweater blazer, cream peplum top, skinny jeans, black and white polka dot loafers 3 tan sweater blazer, cream peplum top, skinny jeans, black and white polka dot loafers 5 tan sweater blazer, cream peplum top, skinny jeans, black and white polka dot loafers 2

I was originally supposed to go back to work the Tuesday after New Years, but decided to take the rest of the week off. That way Oliver had a week to get settled into daycare and I had a few days to sleep, put the house back together and enjoy some child-free time. I initially felt super guilty about it, but realized it's just as important to take care of myself. If I had gone back to work as planned I would have started out exhausted, frazzled and sad (putting the kids in daycare as never been an easy decision). But having a few days to ease into our new routine and some time for myself was wonderful. I even managed to squeeze in a hair appointment - somehow six months had slipped by without getting it done - and I feel much more human. The extra sleep probably helped with that. :)
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Sunday, October 1, 2017

thoughts and whatnots 10.1.17

10.1.17 thoughts and whatnots
maternity navy maxi dress: one  |  two  |  three

blog love:

on teal and polka dots:

favorite sales:
  • 30% off sale at Anthropologie (no code required)
  • Up to 50% off everything + an extra 20% off at GAP with code ALLGOOD
  • 40% off sale at Loft (no code required)

  • what I'm watching: I've been having trouble getting comfortable at night, so I've been binge watching episodes of Glee. 
  • what I'm crafting: I've been eyeing all the cute woodland baby mobiles and think that I could probably pretty easily make something myself for a fraction of the cost. My favorites are this darling bear/mountain mobile, this forest creature mobile and adorable pom pom mobile
  • what I'm looking forward to: Meeting our baby boy! Unless he comes early, we're scheduled for an induction (since he's a big boy) this Thursday. We don't plan on having any more children, so it's been weird thinking how this is the end, the last time I'll feel sweet baby kicks, the last time I'll grow a life, it's a very bittersweet feeling. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

september budget

september budget

september budget: $97.57
third quarter budget: $600 - $234.85 in July - $217.34 in August - $97.57 in september =
$50.24 under for the third quarter

This was the month to buy all the things, just not all the clothing things. I was heavily focused on getting Aubrey's big girl room and baby's nursery ready and buying things like bedding, lamps, curtain rods, etc. Plus there were all the last minute things to buy for the baby...like diapers, and wipes...

So I only bought three clothing things, and the dress was actually purchased last month for our babymoon to St. Augustine, but I forgot to include in August's budget. *opps* For reference, the blue embroidered dress (see how I wore it here) is non-maternity, and I got it an an XL, which still left plenty of room for a big baby bump, so I definitely think it runs large. It was perfect for the sweltering Florida heat and it'll be great to wear next summer post baby. :) The shoes were a complete impulse buy, but they were so pretty, so velvet, so garnet. I'm anxiously awaiting to wear them this fall since my swollen pregnant feet aren't fitting into anything but flipflops these days. Last, but not least, is this adorable striped back cardigan. I love the neutral front and bold patterned back. Sadly, it's sold out at J. Crew right now, but it's been popping in and out of stock, so it's worth checking back if you're interested. For reference, it runs large - I bought mine in a L.

I did pick up a few things that didn't make it into the budget, like a new Lily Jade diaper bag, which I'm completely obsessed with. And a nursing nightgown from GAP that's currently in the hospital bag. My husband also got me the prettiest Kendra Scott rose gold drusy stud earrings for my birthday.

Looking toward October, I don't anticipate clothes shopping too much since I'll be busy with baby and in that awkward post-baby body phase. I did however order this resin-coated twill rain jacket from in navy from J. Crew Factory earlier this summer, which was waitlisted until October 19. So that'll be a fun mid-month treat!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

final bump update

maternity navy maix, long tan cardigan 7

I can hardly believe that today's the final bump update before baby boy arrives! We're 38 weeks today, with plans to induce (hooray for a canceled c-section) next Thursday, October 5. Though at yesterday's checkup, the doctor said I'm already in the early phases of labor, so he very well may make his debut early. His sister was a full week early, so we'll see if he's an early bird as well. I'm so thankful this little guy decided to do what the doctor's said was "impossible" (due to his large size), and turn head down. The nurses and doctor himself kept saying "this never happens." So, we're happy to be the exception. At yesterday's ultrasound he was measuring at 9 and a half pounds - though that's really more of an approximation - so not so huge that he can't be delivered. Fantastic news all around.

My parents are driving down from Tennessee today so they'll be here for the birth and a few weeks after to help out - which we're incredibly grateful for. They missed Aubrey's birth by something like two days since she came earlier than expected, so I'm so glad they'll be here for baby #2, and Aubrey's just excited that she gets to spend time with Nana and Papa.

Tomorrow is my last day at work. Last time around I worked right up to the end, but I'm definitely feeling more tired this go around, so I'm looking forward to *hopefully* have a few days to rest and prepare before he makes his grand entrance. Which I attempted with Aubrey, but she came the day after I started my maternity leave. You just never know with babies...

maternity navy maix, long tan cardigan 6
dress: Old Navy Maternity (similar, non-maternity option)  |  cardigan: J. Crew (similar)  |  necklace: Stella & Dot (exact)  |  earrings: Kendra Scott (exact)  |  sandals: Reef (similarish)

maternity navy maix, long tan cardigan 5 maternity navy maix, long tan cardigan 4 maternity navy maix, long tan cardigan 1 maternity navy maix, long tan cardigan 3 maternity navy maix, long tan cardigan 2

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

life lately

Since I've been a bit MIA on the blog lately, I thought it would be fun to do a little update on what I've been up to lately.

kids rooms
Aubrey's big girl room  |  baby boy nursery  |  never ending crib blanket project

kids rooms:
When Hurricane Irma tore through Florida the week before last, the university I work for decided to close down for the week. Though a lot of Florida experience power outages and destruction, Panama City didn't end up seeing much from the storm (we never lost power and only had one backyard downed tree). So my husband Matt and I and took advantage of the week off and made major progress of both Aubrey's big girl room and the nursery. Neither room is quite done yet, but once they're a little more finalized, I plan on doing separate blog posts (with lots of pictures)! I'm also getting super close on being finished with baby's crib blanket, *hopefully* I'll be able to finish it before he arrives. 

red velvet birthday cake  |  birthday present for my stepmom  |  pretty birthday earrings for me!

birthday celebrations:
My dad, stepmom and and I all have September birthday, so I've had a lots of fun shopping for birthday presents. Since my parents are coming in town later this week to be here when baby arrives, we've decided to celebrate all three birthdays together, which should be lots of fun. My birthday was yesterday, and I had a great time eating delicious Mexican and having red velvet cake with my office mates.

work projects
retractable banners, magazines and posters, oh my!

work projects:
With less than a week until maternity leave begins, I've been super busy trying to wrap up work projects. My most extensive project of the year is our annual magazine - which I design, edit and write a large amount of the content for - goes to press this Friday. *eek* I keep telling the baby he has to stay in my belly until I get the magazine sent! On top of that, I have quite a few other work projects I'm trying to wrap up as well. Whew, it's been busy. But it'll be good to know I wrapped up everything I could before going on maternity leave.

fall decorating
DIY blue pumpkins  |  fall mantel  |  Dollar Spot at Target score

fall decorating:
Even though it's still 90+ degrees in Florida, now that it's officially fall, I couldn't resist putting up some fun, pumpkin decor on our fireplace mantel. There's also a slew of fall pillows I'd love to get... my husband says I have a pillow obsession...but how cute would these gray gingham, pumpkin and thankful pillows look on the sofa? Speaking of decorating, now that we have a front porch, I'd love to go nuts with pumpkins and mums, but realistically, with the new baby, it'll probably will have to be a next year goal.

We're in the last push before baby comes. Depending on what the doctor says at today's appointment, Friday will probably be my last day of work before starting maternity leave. I still need to finish up some things for the nursery, do some last minute washing/cleaning/laundry before baby comes, and finish that darn crib blanket, so I'm looking forward to hopefully have a few days off before he arrives. But you never know with babies...I planned for a long weekend off before Aubrey's scheduled induction and she ended up coming four days early!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

purple maternity dress

maternity purple dress, long blush cardigan 6

Today's my birthday! There's something that feels very mature about turning 35, maybe it's because according to my OBGYN I'm now of "advanced maternal age" *bleh*, or maybe it's being a momma of a three-year-old with one on the way, but whatever the reason, there's something very adult about being in my mid 30s. I've loved my 30s so far - I married the love of my life a year before turning 30, finished grad school at 30, had my daughter at 31, started Teal and Polka Dots at 32 - and this year bought our dream house and am having our baby boy in about a week! All in all a very good first half of the decade. :)

I'm working today, so no big plans for the big 3-5, just a long lunch with hubby and delicious red velvet cake (my favorite) with my office mates this afternoon. My husband surprised me with the prettiest rose gold drusy earrings for my birthday and a magnifying wall mirror so my old eyes can finally, properly see my face. I love getting birthday goodies!

maternity purple dress, long blush cardigan 5
dress: Target maternity (lilac option, sleeveless option, non-maternity option)  |  cardigan: Target (similar)  |  sandals: Old Navy (pretty alternative)  |  necklace: J. Crew Factory (cute alternative)  |  earrings: purchased in St. Augustine (similar)  |  watch: Fossil (similar)  |  bracelet: Kendra Scott (similar)

maternity purple dress, long blush cardigan 3 maternity purple dress, long blush cardigan 4 maternity purple dress, long blush cardigan 1 maternity purple dress, long blush cardigan 7 maternity purple dress, long blush cardigan 2

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